VINYLON Manufacturing Complex

The Vinylon manufacturing complex is outfitted with the best equipment made by the world’s leading producers.

The fully-automated mixing complex, made by the German concern REIMELT-HENSCHEL, makes it possible to achieve consistently-high raw-mixture quality for the manufacture of VINYLON siding and gutters.

The fully-automated mixing complex means:

  • 100% computer control
  • 100% compounding precision
  • 100% raw-mixture quality control
  • 100% quality control of extrusion sheeting

  • Compound administration is accomplished with the use of automated computer control at all stages of compound preparation;
  • Fully-automated dosing station for small components ensures dosing and weighing precision with a deviation of no more than one one-hundredths of one percent of the benchmark compound.
  • Vertical and horizontal turbo-mixers of the mixing complex ensure the high quality and absolute homogeneity of the compound formulated for the extrusion process.

The equipment provided by Theysohn EXTRUSION ensures a consistently-high level of raw-mixture plasticization in the preparation of extrusion sheeting:

  • All elements are governed by the principle of continuous process management. Electronic components, such as the sensor panel, production computer, etc. are made by Siemens. Centralized quality control of all set production parameters makes it possible to control mixture characteristics in online mode throughout the entire co-extrusion process.

The profile of VINYLON decorative panelling, siding and accessories is shaped with the help of Downstream lines made by the American company Abbottstown Industries Inc.

  • Calibrators (with whose help the vinyl sheet is molded into the shape of panelling and accessories), developed by engineers at Abbottstown Industries Inc. using high-quality aviation aluminium and shipbuilding-grade steel. The superior quality of input materials, coupled by a high level of calibrator precision, ensures the identical geometry of panelling and accessories — irrespective of batch size and delivery schedule.
  • Line KNOW-HOW — the caliber quick-change system, developed by engineers at Abbottstown Industries Inc., dramatically improves line productivity.

Fittings for the VINYLON gutter system are manufactured using injection-molding machines made by the industry leader – the Austrian company ENGEL.

  • Thanks to its servo-electric injection unit, pillarless die-mold zone, and computer-controlled production process, the concern’s equipment guarantees quality that meets the most stringent of requirements.
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