Enter the width of the eaves - protruding over the wall of the roof, which will be installed soffits

Width of the eaves (m)

Which trim

is better connect siding on the walls and roof?

It’s most convenient to use a special accessory for decorating the corner formed by the wall of the house and the roof overhang – the crown molding (eave molding). It’s really two accessories in one. One part of the fillet holds the soffit, while the other grips the upper panel of the siding. The fillet is fastened from below to the roof overhang at a convenient distance to firmly “grip” the siding panel. Fastening is only needed along one edge of the accessory, thereby reducing the amount of work involved.

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Different accessories are used for connecting walls.

Find out more about how walls are connected in order to make your calculations more precise.


Outside corner post


Inside corner post