Features of the installation of gutters on houses decorated with vinyl siding

Stormwater collection system

When the stormwater gutter is installed on face boards finished with Vinylon siding, allowance should be made for thermal expansion.

For the installation of brackets, use a drill for timber and spacing washers, which should be installed in bracket fixtures before their installation.

  • Drill drill holes with a diameter of 15-16 mm in the front board through the Fascia j-channel Vinylon.
  • Put spacing washers (diameter 13–14 mm) on the bracket self-threading bolts.
  • Install the bracket. Check for the possibility of cornice board side-to-side movement.

Stomwater removal system

Remember that before planning and installing the stormwater gutter system, it is necessary to determine the arrangement of stormwater removal pipes, taking into account the arrangement of the vertical battens to which the siding is fixed.

The pipe-fixing brackets of the stormwater removal system should be fixed to battens. Cut out the hole over the contour of the pipe-fixing bracket basis +1–2 mm.

For pipe-bracket fixing, use a plumbing pin of the required length (e.g., M6). Use two nuts for fixing the pipe-bracket basis.

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