Installation of the stormwater collection system

The stormwater collection system includes all horizontal gutter elements (funnels, connecting sleeves and gutter angles, brackets and main gutter components).

Check the evenness and verticality of face-board installation by level. Other face board arrangement may lead to inefficient gutter operation after installation.

Determine the location of funnel installation on the face board (depending upon the subsequent installation of stormwater removal pipes).

Install bracket at the highest point of the stormwater collection system.

Install funnel at the bottom point of the stormwater collection system – on the face board or on funnel brackets. Funnel should be installed in a horizontal position.

Remember! Per each gutter meter, slope gradient should be 2–3 mm.

The Vinylon funnel is designed taking into account the possibility of choosing different fixing points. For secure installation of the funnel, two fixing points are enough. You can independently choose the fixing points most convenient for you.

Install brackets. The maximum distance between brackets is 60 cm. Thus, the nearest bracket should be installed at a distance of not more than 10 cm from the funnel. So, in case of the installation of brackets on a roof overhang of 10 m, we should install 18 brackets to the funnel.

For installation of the stormwater collection system on metal brackets, brackets should be marked to indicate the slope line, and with the help a strip bender – bent into the required position.

After installation of the funnel and brackets, proceed to installation of the VINYLON stormwater removal gutter.
All receiving elements of the system should be marked with special marking, and also with thrust supports used to ensure correct gutter installation.

For gutter mounting into stormwater reception elements, put the farthest gutter angle behind the most distant bracket (face board) ledge, and latch the gutter onto the nearest ledge.

Important: please note! For gutter dismantling, it’s sufficient to turn it inside out.

Use the same principle for installing the gutter into metal brackets.

After installing the gutters of the stormwater removal system, mount plugs and angular elements.

Principle of angular-element installation

Principle of gutter-plug installation

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