Equipment and fixtures for installation of the VINYLON gutter system

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For installation of the Vinylon gutter system, you will need:

Electric drill for the installation of fixing bolts. Measuring tape, ruler, string and chalk or builder’s pencil (marker) for marking.
Hacksaw for sawing the gutters and pipes of the gutter system.
Strip bender for bending metal brackets in case of
gutter-system installation on roofs without face boards.
Carpenter’s level.          Bit extension tool at least 120–130 mm long, or screwdriver with a working part of at least 120–130mm long.
Miter box with a board height and working-part width of at least 90 mm.

For the execution of all works, only anticorrosive fixtures can be used. It is possible to use zinc-plated or other corrosion-resistant self-threading bolts with press washers, or standard roofing self-threading bolts Ø4.8/5.5 mm. Self-threading bolts must be of the flat-head variety (head diameter – at least 8 mm, bolt-part diameter – at least 4.2 mm).

Important! Trim-head screws should not be used for installation of the VINYLON gutter system.

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