History of VINYLON Factory

The history of the VINYL-ON factory dates back to 2007. The main focus of the company’s development — manufacturing affordable high-quality materials for the exterior finishing of low-rise buildings and structures.

The choice of vinyl siding as the flagship item in the factory’s product range was predicated on the results of research indicating that the Russian finishing-material market for country home-building was facing a deficit of affordable high-quality systems.


Selection and assembly of factory equipment.

Setting their sights on making a product that would meet the highest North American standards while remaining affordable to Russian consumers, VINYL-ON executives headed to the birthplace of siding to choose suppliers for its production equipment, which had to meet the following requirements:

  • Ensure that the resulting manufacturing complex would comply with modern quality and safety standards;
  • Allow for the manufacture of a wide range of products;
  • Allow for a significant expansion in production capacity in response to growing demand;
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee and servicing availability for the equipment.


Production output reaches design capacity.

Despite the difficult economic situation facing the country, the first production lots were a big market hit.


Shift to polymethylmethacrylate- (PMMA-) based dyes.

Since 2010, the VINYL-ON factory has been using acrylic-dye granulate in the extrusion of its vinyl siding and accessories, thereby guaranteeing a high level of product resistance to UV-radiation.


Expansion of production capacity and warehouse space.

In response to significant growth in demand for company products, the production capacity of the manufacturing complex was increased (thanks to the acquisition of extrusion equipment made by Theysohn Extrusion), while the total space of the warehouse complex was doubled.


Product range augmented with the unique VINYL-ON Décor system in RAL colors.

The VINYL-ON Décor system makes it possible to combine VINYL-ON classic siding and VINYL-ON Décor decorative panelling, fabricated in the market’s most popular roofing colors.


Product range augmented with the VINYLON gutter system.

The company engineered a unique gutter system, allowing for a significant reduction in gutter-assembly time and a dramatic improvement in the system’s resistance to external impacts.


Patent secured for the engineering behind the VINYLON gutter system.

Gutter-production capacity reaches design output.

The high-quality VINYLON gutter system quickly became popular among the factory’s end-consumers and distributors. From the very beginning of the year, the manufacturing complex was operating at 100% of full capacity.


Increase in the manufacturing complex’s production capacity.

In response to high demand, the decision was made to increase production capacity for the manufacture of gutters sold under the VINYLON trademark.

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