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Products sold under the Vinyl-On trademark are manufactured using only the highest-quality raw materials and additives from the world’s leading producers on modern high-tech equipment.

Production technology plays a vital role in the manufacture of any building material, and siding is no exception. Despite the fact that vinyl siding, as such, is considered a rather economical material for the finishing of building façades, its production technology is actually quite complex, requiring close attention and quality control at each stage of manufacturing.

VINYL-ON strives for traditional standards of quality for all of its manufactured products. The manufacturing complex (outfitted with equipment made by the world’s leading producers), combined with high-quality raw materials, is the main secret to the quality of products sold under the Vinyl-On trademark.

Company partners and suppliers

In its manufacture of Vinyl-On vinyl siding and accessories, Vinyl-On Décor system decorative panelling and accessories, the VINYL-ON factory uses polyvinylchloride made by the American corporation Georgia Gulf (Texas, USA).

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