ENGEL Injection-molding Machines

For the molding of Vinyl-On gutter-system units at its factory, VINYL-ON uses injection-molding machines made by the Austrian company ENGEL.

ENGEL Austria GmbH is the world’s largest producer of equipment for the processing of plastics by the injection-molding method. ENGEL was founded by Ludwig Engel in 1945. Over the past 50 years, ENGEL has transformed into an international corporate structure with 8 plants on 3 continents — Europe, North America and Asia.

The ENGEL production program encompasses a broad range of injection-molding machines for any industrial application: from hydraulic and hybrid to fully-electric molding machines. What’s more, the enterprise manufactures its own line of industrial robots and production-automation systems.

The ENGEL representative office in Russia opened 5 years ago and is one of today’s leading suppliers of automatic molding machines. The equipment is shipped from three ENGEL plants in Austria.

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