Georgia Gulf Polyvinylchloride

The history of the Georgia Gulf company dates back to 1985. Georgia Gulf Corporation (Texas, USA) is a leading producer and wholesaler of chlorovinyl products (caustic soda, chlorine, vinylchloride, PVC, hard and soft PVC plasticate). According to Market Report figures, Georgia Gulf is regularly ranked as a major importer into the Russian Federation of polyvinylchloride, accounting for 2.5% of Russia’s total import volume of PVC and supplying the domestic market with such product brands as PVC-1091 and PVC-1100.

For the manufacture of vinyl siding, soffits, VINYL-ON Décor panelling and related accessories, VINYL-ON uses PVC-1091.

Georgia Gulf 1091 — PVC made of all-purpose resin, with an average molecular weight, intended for extrusion into solid products such as pipes, siding and window frames. All products made with the use of Georgia Gulf PVC are distinctive for their consistently-high quality.

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