Extrusion Equipment by Theysohn Extrusion

The VINYL-ON factory has been outfitted with extrusion equipment made by Theysohn Extrusion.

Theysohn Extrusion, as a pioneer in the extrusion field, has been supplying the world with Theysohn-brand equipment for PVC-extrusion products for decades.

Theysohn Extrusion achieved a qualitative breakthrough in the refinement of the extrusion process with the development of its unique OMNIA series of extrusion lines based on ALLinONE technology. The ALLinONE solution ensures the compatibility of all components within the scope of an integrated unit and guarantees the ideal technological concurrence of individual extrusion-line components.

Theysohn Extrusion extrusion equipment ensures a high degree of compound plasticization and homogenization in the manufacturing process, which is essential to obtaining a high-quality final product.

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