Support for the factory’s distributors and dealers

The support program for the VINYL-ON factory’s distributors and dealers is based on a comprehensive approach to marketing, advertising and technical assistance aimed at the ongoing development of distributors and the Vinyl-On trademark.

  • VINYL-ON factory specialists offer training for the sales staff of distributors and dealers on our product range, effective sales techniques, and assembly technology via on-site visits to distributors or webinar sessions.
  • The VINYL-ON factory provides distributors with all of the necessary advertising materials free of charge, including printed materials, stands, product samples, color wheels, and materials for the design formatting of sales outlets.
  • The promotional program for the Vinyl-On trademark encompasses both national promotion efforts and the holding of joint advertising campaigns with distributors featuring participation at regional exhibitions and the use of radio, television, outdoor advertising, print ads and the Internet. In the holding of joint advertising campaigns, the factory helps offset the distributor’s investments in promoting the Vinyl-On trademark within the scope of the pre-arranged media plan.
  • Every year, the factory holds special campaigns for the sales staff of distributors and dealers. These campaigns may be nationwide (in which campaign terms are the same for all regions and the sales staff of all of the factor’s distributors take part) or tailored to individual regions (in which case campaign terms are agreed upon directly with the factory’s partner in the given region).
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