Advantages of PVC drainage from VINYLON

In engineering the gutter system, company engineers were guided by three overarching principles: system reliability and long service life; speed and convenience of assembly; aesthetic qualities of the assembled system.

A great deal of work was devoted to all three areas, resulting in a gutter system that boasts superior consumer attributes: beauty, easy assembly and resistance to external loads.

The unique engineering solutions used in the design of VINYLON gutters makes the assembly process twice as fast.


    Extra reinforcement ribs for the trough and brackets boost the system’s ability to withstand snow loads. Thanks to its secure fastening, the mounted bracket is capable of withstanding loads up to 100 kg.


    The design of the sleeve increases throughput capacity by 30% compared to other systems of the same diameter. The special shape of the trough protects it against spillover – even in downpours.


    Our patented interlocking system: bracket-trough-sleeve, cuts installation time in half. Micro-supports on all system elements allow for the quick adjustment of expansion gaps.


    Watertight sealing made of PVC and silicone alloy maintain their durability and flexibility within a temperature range of from -60° to +50°С throughout the entire duration of service life.


    Only high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge equipment by the leading Western manufacturers are used in the production process. VINYLON gutters come with a 50-year guarantee.

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