VINYLON gutter system installation rules

  • The VinylOn gutter system should be installed on the basis of the ‘from top to bottom’ principle. First, you install the stormwater collection system, and only then – the stormwater removal system.
  • Keep in mind that in the case of installation of the stormwater gutter system on houses with siding-trimmed façades, it’s best to install the pipe-fixing brackets on battens; therefore, try to arrange the funnels as close as possible to pipe-installation sites.
  • The stormwater collection system should be installed at a compulsory slope towards the funnel/funnels. Slope towards funnels is provided by PVC displacement by the bracket along the vertical plane, or by the bending of metal brackets at the designated location.

Gutter installation rules:

  1. Gutters should be installed so as to prevent stormwater overflow at times of heavy rainfall.

Roof eave should overhang by at least 30 mm but not more than 70 mm from the face-board edge. Thus, the steeper the roof slope, the larger should be the spacing between the overhanging part and the face board.

Important! If it’s not possible to install the gutter as specified, compulsory snow protection should be provided on the roof.

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