Vinyl Siding Installation Guidelines

Before getting started, it is important to review several rules for vinyl siding application. The following rules, which are repeated in this guide, will help you for proper vinyl siding installation.

  • Wall preparation

    The success of installation work – and ultimately, the attractive appearance of your home – depends directly on the quality with which the façade surface is prepared. Boards, fittings, framing, protruding blocks, bricks, anchors, openings and beams not considered façade elements or load-bearing structures – including any remaining building material in the case of façade reconstruction – must be dismantled or properly aligned.

  • Sheating

    For the purposes of siding installation, the façade is sheathed using galvanized 40х40 mm or 50х50 mm profile, or blocking lumber with a cross-section of at least 25х40, pre-treated with antiseptic solution.

    Maximum distance between the sheathing boards is 40 cm. When installing the sheathing, it’s important to use a builder’s level to straighten the sheathing boards along the horizontal and vertical.

    Framing with sheathing boards applies to windows and doors along the entire perimeter, exterior and interior corners along the entire length, roof overhangs and gables. When framing openings and interior/exterior corners, it’s most convenient to use boards with a cross-section of 25х100.

  • Insulation and protection

    The technology for finishing a building with siding allows for the possibility of insulation. When properly installed, insulation makes it possible increase the structure’s thermal protection and thereby save on heating and power bills.

    When insulating the building – before even mounting the sheathing under the siding – it’s necessary to mount the horizontal sheathing. In this case, it’s best to use studs with a cross-section corresponding to the thickness of the insulating material.

    Sheathing profiles are installed with footing corresponding to the width of the insulation (60 cm).

    Once all of the aforementioned work has been completed, vertical sheathing must be mounted in order to install the siding.

  • Accessories

    The use of VINYLON accessories greatly simplifies the installation process, helps you find the right solution when finishing intricate façade elements, and will leave your home looking elegant and finished down to the last detail.

The installation of siding on the façade begins with the fastening of the appropriate accessories – starting boards, finishing boards, connecting boards, corners, trim.
The length of panels interfacing with accessories must allow for an expansion-contraction gap – at least 3-4 mm to the very edge of the wall.
Minimum allowable clearance between the bolt head and the panel – 1-2 mm.
Fasten at the points of perforation. The bolt must be positioned squarely in the center of the mounting hole.

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